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Gaze Agency recently finished a batch of split testing for Knowledge Spot, increasing the conversion rate of about a dozen sales pages. The average conversion increase was over 300%, with the highest converting sales page seeing a 974.6% increase.

Knowledge Spot is a seven-figure digital education company that has businesses in many niches. Here we worked with them on their sports coaching education businesses where they sell ebooks and video clinics that have been featured by ESPN, Stack, and other major sports outlets.

Client Goal

To increase sales for about a dozen products including a subscription service, whilst modernizing the look of the respective sales and upsell pages.



After reviewing the web pages, we identified many areas for improvement. So we set out to split test changes over 4 generations of tests. To learn more about split testing and why it’s vital for increasing conversion this article is a great place to start.

Essentially you’re testing the original control page against one or more variant pages each with design or copy changes. Then you track which variant converts best and apply those changes to a new control in the following generation.

Split Testing

During the research phase, we discovered that 70% of traffic was coming from mobile, so we decided to design separate desktop and mobile pages rather than making a mobile responsive desktop page. Both pages would share the same design language but the mobile pages needed intentional attention. This way we could also split test desktop and mobile changes separately. We coded the pages to load different elements on mobile whilst keeping the page light in size.

A little-known fact is every second of webpage load time has a huge effect on sales. For example, while a two seconds load time has an average bounce rate of 9%, the same page loaded in five seconds causes bounce rates to skyrocket by 38%.


With over 5 years of experience split-testing hundreds of web pages, I’ve gotten a sense of what works and what doesn’t. We have a set priority of changes we like to make, we started the first 2 generations of testing finding the global maximum, testing larger designs, and copy changes. Then in the 3rd and 4th generations, we made refinements such as testing different CTA phrases.

Finding the local maximum and global maximum were big reasons why the tests were successful, if you want to learn more about those concepts here’s a good starter.


After testing 40+ variants over 4 generations we saw huge increases in conversions, here are some of the highlights…

Baseball Tutorials Pro Trial

The Baseball Tutorials Pro Trial desktop version received a 974.6% increase in conversions from 0.71% to 6.92%.

Winner Conversion
6.92% +974.6%

Case Study After Screenshot


  • Added the CTA button & essential information above the fold
  • I tested quite a bit of copy for the headline, this one won out
  • The original page was twice as long. We tested what sections were unnecessary and some sections were actually decreasing conversions. Sometimes less is more, simplifying sections into essential and glanceable information converted best
  • Intentional graphical cues
  • Redesigned the “Here’s What’s Included” section that allows visitors to glance and dig into the modules that interest them most. The original page had everything displayed one after the other which created a pretty long page
  • Highlighting that new content is added every month since it’s a subscription service, beforehand this was just a line of text beforehand
  • A clear list of what’s included and the value of each item. The subscription includes a bundle of products which is usually sold separately, this needed to be communicated more clearly

Softball Pro Trial

Original Conversion

Winner Conversion
6.92% +652.8%

Case Study Before ScreenshotCase Study After Screenshot


  • I applied the same changes as above to the Softball version with a few changes that suited the Softball market better
  • I tested many CTA phrases and icons, ‘Start Free Trial’ beat out ‘Add to Cart’ by a wide margin
  • ‘Cancel Anytime’ element which emphasizes trust


Fundamental Pitching Drills

Original Conversion

Winner Conversion
6.25% +261.5%

Case Study Before ScreenshotCase Study After Screenshot


  • Modern design
  • Glanceable information above the fold
  • Clear social proof elements
  • Headline copy is an invitation
  • Compact headline and subheading
  • The eBook product shot was updated to show the drills included inside
  • Emojis for emphasis
  • Clean color scheme

Baseball Tutorials Pro Upsell

Original Conversion

Winner Conversion
4.95% +222%

Case Study Before ScreenshotCase Study After Screenshot


  • Clearer upsell sequence graphic
  • Again compacting information text so there is more information above the fold
  • The winning page is a significantly shorter page than the original. We took out a lot of unnecessary elements in early variants and they all converted much better
  • Upgrade CTA section was overhauled
  • More social proof elements

Wrapping Up

As you can see split testing has powerful effects on increasing conversions, rather than guessing what works for a particular audience or product you essentially co-design with your audience, allowing them to show you what they respond to best.

If you have any inquiries about how you should be split testing, increasing conversions, or have any other questions you can reach out using our contact form below or email us at

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