At Gaze Agency sustainability is more than just a buzzword.

It’s about keeping our home planet stable, clean, safe, healthy & joyously livable. Not only for all current & future generations of humans but all species we share this planet with.

We’re on course to becoming 100% sustainable & carbon negative. In the meantime here are some of the things that make Gaze Agency good for the planet.


Powered By 95% Renewable Energy

We're based in British Columbia where close to 95% of electricity is generated from renewables.

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Reduced Carbon Hosting

Our website host, Webflow, reduces its carbon footprint via Pachama.

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Funding Reforestation

100% of our merch profits fund reforestation.

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Empowering Sustainability

We help sustainable businesses grow & thrive so they can outpace the unsustainable competition.

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Knowledge Spot

Increasing sales 300%

Increasing Knowledge Spot’s Sales Over 300%